Protection Against Cyberattacks

When we think of cyberattacks, we generally think of the big ones that made the news – Equifax, Marriott, Adobe – where millions of people’s information was compromised.  Those were serious breaches, but small and mid-sized businesses actually are more at risk for a cyberattack because they often lack the knowledge and resources for online security, making them easier targets for hackers; we just don’t read about them in the papers.

A recent article on Nerdwallet, 7 Tips to Prevent Your Small Business Against Cyberattacks, addresses the minimum steps businesses should take to protect themselves for hackers and scammers. It’s worth reading.

But one “tip” the article does not mention, which we believe should be considered, is getting an IT Audit and Risk Assessment.  An Audit and Risk Assessment identifies, evaluates, and prioritizes risks and recommends resources to minimize, monitor, and control the impact of cyberattacks. SLK has an entire department that does just that and it is available to businesses both big and small.